By Gamers. For Gamers.

We're on a mission to make esports competitions accessible for gaming enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Vancouver, CA

About Us

We're building an online platform enables competition , player development and connection through a like-minded community of gaming enthusiasts.

Our values

  • We are a platform built for gamers, by gamers
  • We are focused on building a platform that is inclusive and accessible to gaming enthusiasts of all skill levels
  • Our community is our number on priority
  • We strive to help gaming entusiasts level up in their gaming endeavours through competition
  • We seek to empower amateur gaming enthusiasts to make a living/career out of their passion

Our Story

We started Lvle Up with a focus on running live events that would bring people together that shared a common interest - gaming.  In late 2019, we kicked off our first live tournament event in Vancouver, British Columbia.  With more than 60 competitors, an audience of over 200 people, and very supportive branded sponsors such as Red Bull, Mazda and JW Marriott, it became clear to us that our community had a genuine interest in and passion for esports competitions.  

Then, in 2020, live events took a hard pause.  We found ourselves with more time to play our favorite games but longed for an opportunity to compete against others in an organized league or tournament.  There weren’t any online platforms available, so we decided to create a platform that would be by gamers, for gamers to fill the void.

Our mission is to make esport competitions accessible for gaming enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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