Launch esports competitions for your community and earn income.

Lvle Up enables influencers to organize esports leagues and tournaments for their communities.

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Featured Games

Organize competitions for these popular games.

Lvle Up empowers influencers to strengthen their platforms

Expand your engagement with your community.
Earn an additional source of income.
Attractive recurring revenue model.
Increase community engagement through gaming competitions .
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How it works



Create an account and organize a competition.



Promote your league or tournament to your community.



Once your competition is complete, receive funds via PayPal.

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Your community will love this

Give your community the opportunity to support you or your business through playing in competitions where the proceeds will go directly to you, the organizer.

Build a direct, meaningful connection with your audience.
Facilitate direct play amongst your community.

Launch your own tournament.

Easily facilitate a single elimination tournament bracket for your game of choice. Tournaments can be organized as a single- or multi-day event.

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Launch your own league.

Easily start one or many leagues for your game of choice.  Players will sign-up for your league and have the opportunity to play everyone during a round-robin regular season followed by play-offs to determine who the league champion will be.

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Create content for streaming.

Showcase your events!  Generate content from your leagues and tournaments that can be streamed on your platform of choice.

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Instantly withdraw your funds.

After your event is complete, access your revenue through PayPal.

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